Watson Analytics Ideas

Watson Analytics is an IBM attempt to make Watson cognitive technology to work with Big Data while being available for the masses.As it stands now, it’s a collection of different tools that help users to understand their data and predict what may happen in the future. The focus is on business applications, but of course it depends on the actual data.There is some natural language processing functionality, which users can use to ask (via typing) some insights about the data, but majority of the features use traditional web user interface. Some of those tools are well designed and implemented, others needs more work.One of the most interesting features is ability to predict or detect dependenc... Read more

Experiment, text editor integrated with Concept Map

Here it is. An experiment that tries to connect text editor with concept map (which can become a mind map or any other “map” in the future). I’m almost ashamed of quality of map editor… Please be easy about it and the bugs, it’s just a prototype. Mini tutorialOn the left, there is an editable text, on the right a concept map editor. You can select parts of the text, and by clicking on H mark, it will highlight text and create a node on the map (which has a link to the highlighted text). You can also create nodes, that are not linked to text, by double clicking on the free area.There are also connections between nodes (added using arrow icon, just drag the icon).Nodes itself can be edited (do... Read more

Graph explorer with RGraph

Using Jit library to visualize graph connections. This is a Jit implementation of of Animated Exploration of Dynamic Graphs with Radial Layout paper. Very original method of organizing graph, not sure what to do with overlapping text which gets in a way sometimes. Read more

Diagram layouts for hierarchical data

Here some of the layouts (or topologies) for presenting non-numerical tree-like data structure. All diagrams display the same set of data with option to select: Large (150 nodes), Medium (100 nodes) or Small (50 nodes) dataset. All tree datasets are based on the same source, fetched from dbpedia, by looking connected information for page Internet, here is a script code used to fetch the data. Radial tree Dataset Large Medium Small Very compact layout, when labels are rotated as well, but this makes it difficult to read, also large number of child objects can screw whole graph. Treemap Dataset Large Medium Small Uses all the space availabl... Read more

Opinionated list of tools to keep and organize ideas

There are a lot of tools out there, mind maps, notes taking apps, list managers or some uncategorized solutions I will start with the most common and popular tools and will add some rare apps to the mix in the end. Evernote Is the first thing that usually comes to mind when talking about notes taking app. Great application, available on different devices, sync all your content from everywhere to everywhere.If you want to organize things, you need some discipline to keep things in the proper folders and use tags if you want to implement a more sophisticated system.Has support for audio records, some kind for drawing system on the phone. Browser plugin can be handy as well to save things you... Read more

What is this blog about?

This blog is an attempt to explain some of my ideas with a hope to get useful feedback from whoever is interested or has something to say about it.This is my first blog post ever and it is not going to be perfect :). In general, this blog is about productivity, visualizations, decision making and science behind all that. It’s also about a tool, called notegraph (in development) which can help some of us to be more productive and creative. How it all startedThe idea of building this tool came to me as I watched one of my colleagues in a struggling startup trying to use Excel to show his thought process about one of the product/marketing moves. It really turned me off; I mean, not his ideas (i... Read more